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Everyday, we received a lot of emails request supporting from universal customers. They are in different time zones, in different places, with different languages and complexions. The only same thing is all of them use our products.

At October 18th 2007, we received an emergent email. The title is “Help!!!” And the priority of this email was marked as High. We think the problem of this customer must be very serious. When we read his email, we can feel anxiety from the letters. However, we can find nothing for us to analyze the problems. We replied this user and asked some questions in logical immediately although we had rang out already.

As you known, we are working in China. Our Time Zone is GMT +8. The last domain name of the customer is fr. So we are in night, they are in day. Fortunately, we didn't wait for a long time. The customer replied us at once.

In the second email, the customer described situation is when he double click the one partition, the operating system prompt him that the partition wasn't formatted and asked him whether formatted the partition or not. The reason why occurred this problem is that electric supply was shut down suddenly. After he rebooted the computer, the problem occurred. And the file system of the partition is FAT32.

According to the description, we can confirm the problem might be occurred by corrupted of DBR. What is DBR? DBR is Dos Boot Recorder for short. Each partition has a DBR. It records a lot of parameters of FAT file system. In general, DBR separated as DOS lead process and BPB (BIOS Parameters Block). The DOS lead process is used for locating and loading of system files. The BPB is used for describing the partitioning information.

At this moment, we can locate the user's problem. We suggest him use our product Partition Table Doctor to fix his DBR. We think our product Partition Table Doctor will deal with this problem very easy. He just need run “Fixboot” option of Partition Table Doctor to fix the DBR. And then reboot the computer. That's over.

At last, the user's problem was solved perfectly. He thanks us a lot. We are very happy for solving the problem perfectly although the time is 20:00 o'clock.

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