How to Keep Your Data Safe

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Data can get lost, damaged or corrupt due to physical damage to the storage device or logical damage to the file system installed on host operating system. The type of data that can be recovered includes deleted files, damaged or deleted partition, missing partition, corrupt or missing operating system files, corrupt files etc.

The first and foremost prevention against possible data loss is data backup? It is the process of having duplicate copy of the original file. It includes copying files or databases so that the data is retained in case of any accidental or intentional deletion of data. In absence of a data backup when one is faced with a data loss, there are various options available which can save one from the disastrous situation.    

Data Recovery Software: A competitive range of DIY data recovery software is available in the market that provides recovery solutions for every kind of data recovery need. It includes software appropriate for recovery from various file systems installed on most frequently used and popular operating systems. Sometimes due to physical damage to the storage device data recovery software cannot recover any data. In such cases, it cannot access or locate the data in the damaged media.

Remote Data Recovery: Some recovery agencies offer remote recovery services where they access corrupted partition or missing partition, corrupt file etc. using your computer system over internet or any connectivity protocol. They then recover and restore the lost data to your system copying it to a new, secure destination. It is a convenient and cost-effective solution. Remote data recovery services can restore data from all media types but only in cases where your hard drive functions properly i.e. it is not failing and damaged.

In-Lab Recovery Service: In this the drive or the main storage media is either damaged or corrupted. The hard drive could be damaged due to any of the following reasons: power surges, hardware crash, drive not booting, fire or water damage. In a situation like this it is imperative to take the storage media to the specialized labs. The restoration work takes place in the controlled environment of a lab by expert technicians.

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