How to repair FAT partition?

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Partition Table Doctor is a partition recovery and repair software and aims to recover partitions which have been deleted, damaged or corrupted on hard drive (both internal and external), backup/restore, repair partitions, MBR, boot sectors, etc. So, it will enable you to access your fat partition again by repairing the FAT boot sector, as well as recover the fat partition to get the data back.

If the FAT boot sector is damaged, data can not be accessed. In this situation, you can choose FAT partition repair software to repair the FAT boot sector or recover the data with a data recovery software.

Step-by-step instructions for repairing FAT boot sector

The function "Fixboot" of Partition Table Doctor is for repairing the FAT boot sector problems.

There are two situations for FAT partition repair according to your File System:

First, if you cannot access the FAT16/NTFS partition and the partition was marked with "X", right click the partition and choose "Fixboot". Then it will automatically check and repair the Boot Sector of the FAT partition.

artition repair

econd, if Your FAT32 partition is needed to repair, right click the partition and choose Fixboot. There are two choice:

One is "Auto" mode: Partition Table Doctor will automatically check and repair the FAT Boot Sector of the partition. We recommend you choose this mode.

The other is "Interactive" mode. If "Auto" mode doesn’t work, you could choose "Interactive" mode. You must input the Label for the partition or file name (the file is in the Root Folder). If you do not know what file name to input, follow the file name that is suggested:

Bootable partition:
io.sys, msdos.sys, ntldr, bootlog.txt

Other partitions:
_restore, recycled

File name can not support long name or wildcard character by DOS version of Partition Table Doctor.

Just by simply clicking, you will successfully repair the FAT partition and access to your data. Get the magic partition recovery and repair software here: http://www.ptdd.com/download.htm.

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How to repair FAT partition?

Partition Recovery and Repair software - Partition Table Doctor

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