How to resize Windows Server 2000 partitions?

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How to resize Windows Server 2000 partitions? It maybe a difficult task to do for most server users. All of your valued data might be lost if you take a risk to use some unreliable software.

Here’s good news, EASEUS released the EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, the best ever partition management tool for Windows Server 2000 to meet your resizing needs. Resizing partitions is as simple as opening a box with the help of EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition. Here is an example.

If you want need to resize your C: drive in your Windows Server 2000 Operating System. And you wish to remain all the data intact during the resizing process. EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition can assure you the best quality and highest safety. It allows you freely resize a partition without destroying data.

Firstly, launch EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition. Select the partition needs to be resized, Then click Partitions > Resize / Move. On the disk diagram, the current size of all the partitions is displayed. The diagram also depicts free space surrounding the partition if any exists. Secondly, drag the handle to the partition size you want. At last, reboot your Windows Server 2000 operating system; you will have a resized drive.

Try the magic functions above, just click here: http://www.partition-tool.com/download.htm.

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