How to resize a partition?

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Partitions or separate divisions are created on hard disk drive for better administration, space management and access control. By dividing in to server partitions, users can make a different use of each, such as one partition for installing system and others for storing files. Partitions contribute a lot to the security control and resource management. Users who partition their hard disk drive always come across a common problem: the size of their partitions cannot meet the needs, such as there is not enough space for you to install a new program on your system partition.


Then the question is followed: how can you resize a partition to meet your needs?


The question is easy to answer: you can turn to our product EASEUS Partition Manager. EASEUS Partition Manager is a hard disk partition management software to resize and move partitions, create, delete and format partitions, hide and unhide partitions and much more. What's more, EASEUS Partition Manager works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows 2000/XP/Vista Operating Systems.


There are three editions of EASEUS Partition Manager. EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition is free for home users only and supports Vista 32 bit. If you are a business and 64-bit Windows Vista PC user, we suggest you try EASEUS Partition Manager Professional Edition. For Windows Server users, EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is the perfect choice. It works well under 32/64 bit Windows Vista and also creates a bootable CD/DVD, regardless of the Operating System and is a useful feature in case of a crash.


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