How to resize partition on Windows Server 2003 64bit?

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More and more web administrators prefer Windows Server 2003 64-bit because of its swift performance, latest technology, of course including the development of physical hardware.  But how to resize partition on Windows Server 2003 64bit may become a question. For Server users, resize partition is a difficult task to do. So which software should be taken, is very useful information for Server users. Now, you can use excellent software - EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition to solve this trouble.

Actually, I have to say Windows Server 2003 64-bit built-in Disk Management Tool is incompetent for Server users, probably cause the data loss is the most vital and crucial drawback.

EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is the only partitioning tool you will ever need. It works with both Server 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. It allows you to perform basic and advanced partition operations on your Windows Server System without data loss, including: Resize and Move partitions, Create, Delete and Format partitions, Hide and Unhide partitions and much more.

For the convenience and reliability to Server users, EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is the best choice.

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