EaseUS launches free Windows optimization utility CleanGenius to accelerate PC’s performance

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EaseUS Software, a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery and storage management solutions, today announces the general availability of EaseUS CleanGenius 3.0.5, a powerful Windows utility that analyzes and fixes Windows problems, frees up disk space to speed up PC and protects users from threats to their privacy. It works fully compatible with Windows Vista/XP/7 and the upcoming Windows 8 and support multi-language: English, Japanese and Turkish.

To keep user’s computer running smoothly, EaseUS CleanGenius for Windows thoroughly scans your system, and identifies problem areas that lead to systems slowing down and crashing, and then fixes them automatically. The program will clean cache files, unnecessary and invalid registry entries, and other junk that eat up gigabytes of disk space. All traces of your activities on a computer like web browser, instant messenger, social network service and Windows history can be securely cleaned up by EaseUS CleanGenius in case of any sensitive information being released.

It is also a comprehensive defragment tool, capable of defragmenting and optimizing hard drives to keep hard disk running at its maximum speed.

This all-in-one system optimization utility does its work well and ensures that a user’s computer is always running at a maximum performance.

The benefits of this software are:
* Overall faster PC and Internet speeds;
* Faster boot-up times by simplifying and managing your start-up programs;
* Increase hardware life span;
* Improve PC performance and system reliability;
* Free lifetime upgrade.

EaseUS CleanGenius Free is available at: http://www.easeus.com/cleangenius/


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