New Version of EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition with the New Name

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Latest Version of EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition is released with New Name- EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Server Edition

Since we are committed to providing our customers with best quality products and support, continuous development is what we pursuit all the time. Aiming at this, EASEUS products consistently exceed expectations and allow us to provide our customers with more and more advanced and easy-to-use software.

EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Server Edition, like its new name, is a master in the aspect of disk partition. It is a comprehensive server partition utility with powerful functions, such as Resize, Move, Copy, Create, Delete, Hide and Unhide partitions, etc.

Working as Partition Magic Server Alternative, this server partition software is released with even more advanced features. With hardware RAID supported, EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Server Edition is compatible with Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 and Windows 2000/XP/Vista desktop (32/64 bit) systems perfectly.

Furthermore, with its simple interface, users can easily resize and move partitions by this server partition software, no matter you are an expert on computer or not. But the most outstanding feature is definitely the fact that you can move and resize partitions without erasing them or losing any data.

Partitioning with this utility significantly optimize the partition performance and provide users with tangible benefits. So for server users, EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 Server Edition is especially suitable for them.

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