Partition Magic can’t be used on Windows Server, and then what can I use?

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The well-known Partition Magic is hard disk partition software for Windows Operating System, but it can’t be used on Windows Server, like Windows Server 2003. Developed for desktop users, it was originally made by the PowerQuest corporation but now owned by Symantec. After changing the ownership, there has not yet been an upgrade for Partition Magic to support Windows Server.

Fortunately, EASEUS released its EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition, which can perform basic and advanced partition operations on your Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 without data loss.

As a server computer, it protects the whole network, and usually it stores the most important classified or daily-used files. Once the server computer is down, the whole network turns naked to outside. The security and stability are the most important aspects for server computers.

The shinning point of this partition software is that it can resize/move your partitions by using the free space without destroying data. That means the server computer won't lose any data while repartitioning the disk. Remember one thing, keeping your server computer safe is to keep your network safe, anything unsure can not be applied on server computers.

With the help of EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition which is the server alternative of Partition Magic, you can resize/move, create, delete and format partitions on your hard disk quickly and easily.

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