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If you accidentally deleted your partition or lost it, all the files on the partition can not be accessed. How can you recover the deleted or lost partition? Even if you did not back up you files, there are chances to get your files back by partition recovery. Partition Table Doctor is a best partition recovery and repair software for computer users to recover the deleted, damaged or corrupted partitions on hard drive (both internal and external). You can also try data recovery software to recover the data.

How to recover partitions with Partition Table Doctor?

First, if you have backed up partition table before, you can use the Restore Partition Table function to recover the partitions you needed. To recover partitions just from a backup file, press "F2" key or select "Restore Partition Table" from "Operations" menu or click "Operations" > "Restore Partition Table" .

Then enter the file name or choose the backup files for restoring to the hard disk. Clisk "Disk". Then your partition will be successfully recovered. (If you are not sure about your backup file, we recommend you choose "VirtualDisk" choice, this choice uses memory instead.)

Choose the backup files for Partition Recovery

Recover the Partition

Second, if you did not back up your partition table, you should choose "Rebuild Partition Table" for partition recovery. It will search your lost or damaged partition and recover it. The function item is located under the "Operations" menu or click "F3" key. Searching lost or damaged partition is able to run with "Auto" mode or "Interactive" mode.

Two modes for Rebuild Partition Table

The Auto mode will automatically save every partition found without process control within search processing. You need not to do any operations and partition recovery will be finished.

The Interactive mode allows you to select each partition found in Partition Table Doctor manually. When rebuilding the partition table in Auto mode and errors occurring switch to the Interactive mode. Searched partitions will be displayed on screen in time sequence within search processing. During the Interactive mode, before choosing these detected partitions, Browse option will provide you a preview of the folders and files in the root directory on this partition for a more intuitional adjustment on it.

Find lost partition to recover

Browse Files

After finding your lost or damaged partition, press "Next" and "Save" your operations. Then Partition recovery is successfully done.

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