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EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 is released with new features - partition copy,disk copy. You can use them to protect your data loss from program error or some other accidental crashes.

Disk Copy is especially useful if you want to replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk without having to install the Operating System and applications once again. If your computer crashes or has a virus infection, you can still get your files back easily on destination disks or other safe places by disk copy. This new version of EASEUS Partition Manager can support both sector by sector and file by file disk & partition copy.

EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 may support FAT & NTFS partitions' file-by-file copy during the process of disk copy. You don’t need worry about if there is something wrong with the file system so that you may not allowed copying files. EASEUS Partition Manager 3.0 will check it before you start to copy and will choose a sector-by-sector copy automatically if there is something wrong with the file system to ensure your files' back up.


1. The destination disk should be equal or larger than the source disk. If not, the copied data may not keep intact.

2. If the size of destination disk is larger than source disk, after the copy finished, the size of destination disk will be changed to the same size as source disk and the rest space will be distributed into unallocated space.

3. Boot disk cannot be selected as the destination.

4. All data on destination disk will be erased.

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