Recover Photos and MP3 Files from Disks and Camera Cards

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YIWO Tech Ltd has released Photo Recovery v2.0.1, a powerful multimedia application that makes it simple to recover photo and music files from your Windows PC, disk drives, and camera memory cards. Photo Recovery locates and lets you preview and recover multimedia files anywhere on your computer or memory stick. It can even restore files from a reformatted hard drive, or on a damaged partition.

Unlike simple recovery programs, Photo Recovery can recover files and folders from an emptied Recycle Bin, files that were deleted using command-line DOS commands, and drives that were accidentally reformatted. The program can overcome problems with bad partitions, corrupt boot records (BPBs), invalid file allocation tables (FATs), and invalid root folders and master file tables. It can even read your camera's memory storage cards, and recover images that have been deleted, and images from cards that have been reformatted.

Simply launch the program, and select whether you want to recover deleted files, restore a disk, or fix an entire partition. The built-in wizards will walk you through the file restoration process. You'll see thumbnails of your images and music. With a single click, you can recover a file. Photo Recovery works with .jpg, .png, .gif, and a dozen other popular image formats. It can also recover .mpg, .mov, and a dozen additional types of multimedia and game files.

There is no guesswork involved with Photo Recovery. Download the free trial version, and run it to confirm that your image and mp3 files can be recovered from your hard drive, Zip disc, FireWire (IEEE 1394) device, USB drive, or memory stick. The trial version lets you do everything but save the lost files and folders. Once you have confirmed that you can restore your data, purchase the affordable full version of the program, and immediately save your important files.

Whether you're a professional photographer who needs tools to recover images from accidentally formatted drives and camera memory modules, a parent who needs to recover files that were deleted by the kids, or a home user who wants a low-cost tool to ensure that you will never lose family pictures, Photo Recovery has the tools that you need.

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