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When you experience a crash of your hard disk where a formatting of windows was not anticipated, how can you recover your lost files? Windows sometimes allows you to recover files and folders with the system restore tools. Moreover in most apparent times, it is not useful for you to recover all your files. So in the following, I will refer to you a data recovery software – EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard that is reliable for recovering your files and folders due to deletion, format or partition lost or damage.

Data Recovery Wizard is Useful, cost-efficient data recovery software to do format recovery and recover deleted files emptied from the Recycle Bin or lost due to software crash, virus infection. It works perfect even though the partition is formatted, damaged, deleted or lost. The data recovery software supports hard drives, hardware RAID, IPOD, SD and Memory Cards, etc. It works beyond your expectations.

 If you carelessly formatted your hard drive, lost the partition, deleted your important files and lost due to unknown reasons, you can download a demo of Data Recovery Wizard here to see where it will find your lost files or not. If it can, then purchase the full version to recover the important files.

If you want to recover files from dynamic disk or Linux File System EXT3, Ext3, Data Recovery Wizard Professional will help you.

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