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As you known, we have 30 days money back guarantee. If you got our product in 30 days and you request refund, we will refund you no matter whatever reasons you requested. And we still believe that our product will satisfy you a lot in data recovery field.

However, we have to admit the situation of this user is not very easy. We have supported for a long time. In his first email, he just wanted to launch the refund process. The reason is he couldn't open the recovered files.

At that time, we even couldn't confirm where the problem is and what reason caused him couldn't open the files. So we asked some questions in logical.

In the second email, the customer told us his files was lost by virus and quick formatted. He didn't write anything new into that partition. And he used “Complete Recovery” module to search the files. And before he lost the files, he just did the Defragment in the hard disk.

We are very curious about his problem. According to his description, we found his files are neither corrupted nor out of order in cluster link. We think that might be caused by the size of cluster has been changed.

Hence, we suggest the customer choose more file systems to have a try. As you know, each file system has different cluster size. NTFS file system can choose different cluster size by itself, such as 512K, 1024K etc. If the cluster size is changed, the file couldn't be opened any more. So there is an interface in our product to choose different file system to have a try. However, in that interface, our product permits choosing not more than 6 file systems. We have to suggest choose more times to have a try.

After that, in third email, the customer told us he was curious about why he found so many partitions. There are at least 140 partitions. He said he remembered there are only one partition exactly and he never deleted/formatted/changed the partition. He is too afraid to choose the file system. He wants to know more clearly about this.

We don't how describe the details to the customer. This is very complex. We have to describe from the data structure of hard disk begin to the material properties of each file system end. Further more, according to the user's description, we found that the user's hard disk might be used for a long time. The data structure has been mixed up by virus. He has to choose each file system to find the data.

At last, all the data of customer have been recovered and can be read in normal. As we permitted, we will do our best to solve the problem. If the problem we can't solve, we have 30days money back guarantee.

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