Resize and move partitions without losing data with Partition Manager

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Did you meet problems the partition table showing incorrect space usage when upgrading your disk? Our customer Mr. Jeff got one.
Mr. Jeff had copied his partitions using a sector by sector partition copy program that expanded his primary partition for the larger disk size of his new disk. When he rebooted, it showed the correct disk size in BIOS, and on Windows XP disk utilities, BUT there was still no new free space. He filled it impossible for he had 31GB of "used" space, 4gb of "available" space - but the partition was a 53GB partition. "I tried Acronis, Disk Doctors NTFS Recovery, PC Doctor and of course chkdsk" he said "all of these programs only "saw" a 35GB partition except your product - the only one that fixed it!"
Mr. Jeff shrunk the primary partition to zero free space, and then expanded it back to the way. So that EASEUS rewrote the partition table as his hope. "I am happy to report it worked" Mr. Jeff said "Thanks again for the great product - saved me a lot of time that would have been spent reinstalling everything".
Designed as an intellectualized partition analysis, EASEUS Partition Manager checks hard disk partitions for file system errors. It provides interactive tree structure to view, enables you to configure and manage partitions of hard drive.

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