Retrieve files when deleted partition accidentally

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If you accidentally deleted a partition containing important data, in fact, the partition was not really lost. Partition Table Doctor is a real partition recovery solution to recover lost, damaged, deleted partition. It can recover any deleted partitions or logical drive.

Mr. Hendricks, a musician/song writer, has met the problem. He lost almost every composing because one of his hard drives got messed up when he trying to resize it. Then he did a quick delete on the partition thinking it was a different hard drive that didn't have anything important on it. He realized about an hour later what he had really done and started panicking.

He tried re-composing what he could remember but it was no good. He said "I downloaded probably 3 or 4 program demos. But no luck, they did not work." Then he found our program EASEUS Partition Table Doctor. From the demo, he could see the root of the missing drive, with all the right files and folders. Therefore, he knew it would work before bought it. Simple, fast, and it worked perfectly. "You have no idea how much it means to me to have everything there still" he said.

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chole posted on 2007-09-10 21:38:46 -0400

yeah, the tool help me recover my partition in 5 minuts, thank you very mucn!!

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