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One of the most important points for any computer user to realize is to always back up your data. Even the personal computer has advanced over the past 20 years, hard drives still fail. Hard Drive is an amazing machine. The magnetic head which positioned above and below the platters move in and out of the platters' surface to deal with the data as the platters spinning at an extremely high speed. The speed is so high that a small interference can damage the disk in a certain area.

When some areas of the disk fail, some of you precious data may lost. Cases like this usually require specialists to come and recover any data that might be left. But it's often quite expensive and consumes a long time.    

If you are fortunate have made backups of your important data, this would be a great convenience to restore and install all the data and applications once more. If you were unfortunate enough not have any backups, then you may blame yourself and worry about how to get back the data.

Actually, data recovery software can help you get rid of the trouble, such as Easeus Data recovery Wizard. This software is easy to use and capable to recover almost total logic data loss situation. It contains three modules which against three different situations:
1. Deleted File Recovery module can recover files and folders which are deleted accidentally recently.
2. Complete Recovery module is designed for recovering Hard Disks with formatted partition, crashed file system and without drive letters. User can recover all lost files and folders including deleted files with this module.
3. Partition Recovery module is used for recovering data loss from Hard Disks with hidden partitions, crashed file system, mistakenly deleted/damaged partitions, drives with failed operation/file system and drives suffered from virus.

You can have a try with this Data Recovery Wizard when you encounter a hard disk crash without doing any backup works before. After all, this is more easy and economical than resorting to professionals. After getting back the lost data completely, don't forget to make backup of the important and critical files. Otherwise, you may fall into the same trouble as the hard disk is probably out of action at any time.

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