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How to shrink vista partition? Many people may prefer to use the built-in-Disk Management to shrink Vista partition. But it is confusing for most PCs users. Why not to get help from third party partition software?

I searched in Google and found the EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition offered by third-party manufacturers. It announces partition management software to shrink or extend Vista partitions without data loss. It is addressing the needs of corporate IT administrators to maximize computer performances. Data is totally untouched when shrinking or extending Windows Vista partition, which is in great need of IT administrators to shrink system partition.

No data loss in all operations ensures the server data safety. Unallocated space is needed to extend the rest partition. Shrink a volume nearby and redistribute the unallocated space to extend the system partition. Let's see what it happens! But still it's a good idea to make a full backup before doing such operations.

Firstly, select the partition needed to be shrunk. In this case, you select F. Then click Partitions > Resize/ Move.

You can also resize the partition by specifying new values in the Unallocated Space Before Partition Size, and Unallocated Space After text boxes. The values you type may change slightly to values supported by your drive's geometry. To make a partition smaller, the partition must contain unused space. To enlarge a partition, there must be free space adjacent to it. If desired, click the Cluster Size drop-down list and select a new size or use the recommended cluster size that is already selected. This option is only active in FAT, FAT32, but inactive in NTFS.

Apply all the pending operation and reboot your Windows Vista. You would have a shrunk C: drive. With the unallocated space you can create or extend other partition as you wish.

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