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For home users, EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition is totally free for you to enlarge or reduce any FAT32/NTFS partition on your hard drive with its main function Resize/Move in Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

In the resizing process, there are some advices for you:

You can resize FAT32/NTFS partition by specifying new values in the Unallocated Space Before, Partition Size, and Unallocated Space After text boxes. The values you type may change slightly to values supported by your drive's geometry.

To make a partition smaller, the partition must contain unused space. To enlarge a partition, there must be free space adjacent to it. If desired, click the Cluster Size drop-down list and select a new size or use the recommended cluster size that is already selected. This option is only active in FAT, FAT32, but inactive in NTFS.

EASEUS Partition Manager automatically considers the limitations of file systems and parameters provided. In particular, it won't let you enlarge a FAT16 partition over the maximum 4GB value.

Take special care when moving an operating system partition and its boot code location. The OS might stop booting. For example, Windows NT 4.0 and earlier versions limit boot code location to the first 2016MB.

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