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As you know, the EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 has been released at 29 September, 2007. The EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 almost is a new product. If you are an old customer of Data Recovery Wizard 3.3.4, you might be mixed up by the new version. The Data Recovery Wizard 3.3.4 has 5 recovery modules. But the EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 only has 3 recovery modules. Why? That is because we analyzed a lot of customers. We found there are only two situations beyond them when they lost their data.

One is they just lost their data, but their partitions are still there. That might be occurred by deleting, formatting, damaging by virus etc. So the ‘Complete Recovery’ module is designed for this situation.

The other is that the data lost is caused by partition lost. In this situation, the partition won’t be seen in both Disk Management and My Computer. Whatever the reasons, this is the result. According to this result, we designed the ‘Partition Recovery’ module to recover the data.

How about the modules of Data Recovery Wizard 3.3.4? The Data Recovery Wizard 3.3.4 is designed for the reasons why the data was lost. You will see five modules, ‘DeletedRecovery’, ‘FormattedRecovery’, ‘AdvancedRecovery’, ‘RawRecovery’ and ‘ResumeRecovery’. The entire modules are like why you lost the data. Hence, you know, Data Recovery Wizard 3.3.4 is designed for reasons, but the EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1is designed for results. This is the most difference between the two products. And this is the most important thought when we designed the product.

Of course, in the new product, we add something new, such as it can support the Vista Operating System; it can support the ext2/ext3 file system etc. There are a lot of features we can’t descript in detail one by one. But you can access our website: http://www.easeus.com to read the more information in detail. But here, we just introduce the main function of EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 in general.

Here they are:
Deleted File Recovery: This module works only with deleted files and allows to "undelete" them (another popular term is "unerase"). Intact file system is important for this module.

Complete Recovery: This module is designed for data recovery from Hard Disk including formatted partition, crashed file system, and without drive letters.

Partition Recovery: This module is designed for data recovery from Hard Disk including crashed file system, mistakenly deleted partitions, hidden partitions, drives with failed operation/file system, drives suffered from virus.

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