The features of Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1(2)

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Hence, as we had said before, when the files lost, there are only two situations, partition is lost or partition isn't lost. Please don't concern what reason caused the files lost. You just need to know what the material situation of your hard disk is now.

If you just deleted some files by mistakenly, please select the Deleted File Recovery module. We had optimized the search engine for searching the deleted files. This module will find the deleted files very quickly.

If you lost the files by any reasons, but your partition is still there, please select the Complete Recovery module. The EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 will do an intelligent searching after you choose a partition to search. It will analyze the file systems which had been there before. And it will give you a best suggestion to choose the file system to search the files.

If you lost files by partition lost, you’d better select Partition Recovery module. After you select the module, you will see an interface which will list the hard disks which can be recognized by Disk Management. And then it analyzed the partitions. The rest is the same as the Complete Recovery.

We will do more analyzing to introduce our new product EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1. In next week, we will instruct you how to use the EASEUS-Data Recovery Wizard 4.0.1 in various situations. You will know how to choose a best module for your situation.

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