Two Tips for Successful Data Recovery

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1. If you just lost your data, Use your system as little as possible until you recover all of your lost files. The more activity taking place on your hard disk, the greater the chance that some of your lost data might be written over. - Don't copy any files to the disk containing your lost data; Avoid browsing the web, because your web browser saves cache files on the disk; Don't launch any unnecessary programs, because they can also use your disk; Don't restart your computer.

2. Make sure Data Recovery Wizard is installed properly. If Data Recovery Wizard is installed to a drive where filed are to be recovered, data may be permanently written-over and rendered non-recoverable. Please make sure the data you need to recover is on different drive. For example, if your lost data is in drive C, you must not install Data Recovery Wizard on Drive C. Installing on drive D or E is OK.

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