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When privacy or secret concerned, all people wish it to be safe, untouched and inaccessible by the others. How to keep your important and secret document safe? Most people would have it encrypted by the function provided by document supplier, or simply deleted them and empty the Recycle Bin. Does it really become safe? I don't think so.

Since the existence of Hackers, nonlicet users and Data Recovery Software, they can access the encrypted data by some simple ways, such as "Modify Registry", use Data Recovery Software to recovery the deleted files easily… So your important data have no security under this situation.

General encrypt software just can encrypt file/folder by adding limit or hiding. All these are not essential meaning for encrypting data. The really safe way is to use the Data Security Wizard which uses the best encrypt algorithm for encrypting your data. Every byte of your data will be encrypted. In this way, the nonlicet user cannot access your encrypted data by any way as long as you safely save the encrypt password. And also it helps you finish a complete deletion without any chance of your data to be recovered by any data recovery software.
By the way, did you remember the most popular US TV series "Prison Break"? In the first period when planning the break, Michael through his used hard drive into the river and Mahone found it and recovered the data on the drive and discovered Michael's plan with his tattoo. Suppose Michael used the Data Security Wizard, the whole story would be different.

If you want to keep your data private and secrete, go to our Data Security Wizard.

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