TAG: office recovery freeware

As office files loss is a common now, here we will show you how to recover office files using office recovery freeware.

When it comes to office files, I guess you will not be strange to it, all our everyday work see...

TAG: freeware data recovery

Have you ever been the victim of losing data due to hard drive crash in your computer system, or some kind of damage that makes your information irretrievable? As more and more people are heavily relying on hard drive today and storing almost all their data on them, it is never rare for us to lose data for some reasons, you know, the hard drive would accidently crash or is wrongly formatted ...

TAG: free data recovery software,data recovery wizard free edition

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is newly launched free data recovery software by EASEUS. Though totally free, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is equally powerful as many professional data recovery software to retrieve lost data fr...


Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared?

AuthorEASEUS   Category EASEUS Products   Comments0   Post Time 2010-05-07 04:12:04 -0400
TAG: format recovery,recover deleted files

"I wrongly format my data drive full of important files, business and personal, is it possible to get back my files and how? Please help!"

The answer is absolutely yes!

With increasingly popularity of computers and other digital products like camera, people are used to h...

TAG: partition manager software,easeus partition master 5.8.1

EASEUS Software, a provider of affordable and all-in-one partition management solutions, today announces the release of EASEUS Partition Master new updated version - EASEUS Partition Master 5.8.1. This new version introduces the new feature Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk that helps simplify the task of dynamic disk (volume) management like con...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,free data recovery

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, the innovative and professional data recovery software for deleted file recovery, format recovery or partition recovery, now offers in its demo version the free recovery of one file less than 1MB. This gives you a fair idea whether the software can help you recover lost files before purchasing. 


Easy Way to Resize External Hard Drive Partitions

AuthorEASEUS   Category EASEUS Products   Comments0   Post Time 2009-05-25 02:54:18 -0400
TAG: resize external hard drive



Title: How to Extend SBS 2003 Server Partition´╝č

AuthorEASEUS   Category EASEUS Products   Comments0   Post Time 2009-05-18 01:43:17 -0400
TAG: extend sbs 2003 server partition,sbs 2003 server partition,extend server partition

People sometimes need to resize SBS 2003 server partition in order to optimize the performance of their servers under different situations. For example, you...


Extend System Partition on Windows Server 2003

AuthorEASEUS   Category EASEUS Products   Comments0   Post Time 2009-05-12 02:17:04 -0400
TAG: windows server 2003,extend system partition,extend server system partition

The Operating System Disk Manager will not allow you to extend system partition when you are using Windows Server 2003. You can only extend a Windows Server 2003 system partition by reformatting the drive and reinstalling the server Operating System or turning to...

TAG: resize,windows server 2003,copy

Server computers are more and more frequently used in companies to store the most important data and files. While any workstation computer is capable of acting as a Server, a Server computer usually has special features intended to make it more suitable. These features can include a faster CPU, faster and more plentiful RAM, and larger hard drives. Among all the Windows Server Edi...

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