TAG: easeus partition master home edition

EASEUS Partition Master Home, a free all-in-one partition solution and disk management utility, has reached over 5 million downloads on CNET and becomes the most popular partition manager software all over the world; based on its main functions like  resizing/moving partition without data loss, managing disk space quickly and easily, settling low disk space problem on MBR and GPT d...

TAG: easeus todo backup free

Since EASEUS has released the commercial Home edition of its EASEUS Todo Backup for free, EASEUS Todo Backup Free has soon received an enthusiastic response from all pc users. Its download has reached about 30.000 weekly and many users have expressed their appreciations on our website.

"I like your EASEUS Todo Backup Free. It's nice, easy to use and user friendly. I like your Customer...

TAG: easeus todo backup free,free data backup software

Today EASEUS Todo Backup releases the first free backup and recovery solution for home & business users. With unprecedented powerful and complete functions, EASEUS Todo Backup Free will provide best free backup and recovery solutions for your system, partition and hard disk.

Comparing with EASEUS Todo Backup Home previously released, they are both free, but there is a qualitative ...

TAG: recover data after system crash

 EASEUS Software, a leading provider of storage management, data backup and data recovery solutions for Windows, has released a new data recovery edition - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE which can help you recover your data when system crash happens.

 Why does EASEUS take so many efforts to release this new edition for data recovery? The reason is obvious - EASEUS Data Re...


Big gift: Free get EASEUS Todo Backup Professional licenses

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2011-05-10 06:59:32 -0400
TAG: free get easeus todo backup professional licenses

Today EASEUS launch Todo Backup Professional license big gift. Thanks to users' long term support, free EASEUS Todo Backup Professional is giving back to you. No matter you are personal users or media, you are very welcome to choose your preferable way to free get our software. Know more about the details of the activity.

To join this activity is easy. If you are a novice, download a...


EASEUS Todo Backup 2.5: Not only update of features!

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2011-04-29 02:41:46 -0400
TAG: disk/partition incremental backup,backup management,automatic backup

Today a big update on EASEUS Todo Backup will be released - EASEUS Todo Backup 2.5. It's not only an update on functions but also versions. Apart from upgrading new features, another two new versions - professional and advanced workstation will be released to suit more specific user groups.

With the new features update in this version, you can have incremental disk/partition backup wh...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,winpe bootable cd,easeus data recovery winpe edition

Have you come across problem that you want to recover data, but you are troubled in the fact that you cannot boot your Operating System? Good news from EASEUS: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard WinPE Edition - a newly released software can help you solve this annoying problem. It can recover the data even your Operating System unavailable.

There a...

TAG: easeus partition master,free magic partition software,new upgrade

Free magic partition software - EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition currently created a big wonder: It has almost 5 Million(4,949,048) downloads with its weekly downloads reached up to over 50 thousand, and ranked NO.7 in the top most popular Utilities & Operating Systems on Download.com. Being the professional and reliable partition manager and system optimizing software for Windows ...

TAG: easeus todo backup,ghost windows 7,incremental backup

We are often told that we should ghost our Windows hard drive to ensure its security. Then many computer beginners may ask a question that how to ghost my Windows and which software to choose. The next paragraphs are meant to offer answers to the questions above, and let's take Windows 7 for example.

When you want to ghost Windows 7 hard drive, you get two choices. You can choose a di...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,free data recovery software

Free data recovery software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition has been receiving widespread acclaim from almost all editors and users worldwide for its wonderful and considerate functions. Currently it ranks No 4 in the top most popular Utilities & Operating Systems on Download.com and has passed more than 1 million downloads (1,023,652). After downloading and testing, users com...

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