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EASEUS Software today releases its new version of data recovery software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 5.5.1. This version has been added some wonderful and user-friendly features such as specifying file types before file recovery and saving searching results for continuous recovery to make data recovery more easily and quickly.

EASEUS Software, an innovative data recovery software pr...

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Good news from EASEUS: EASEUS Partition Master, the world's most popular and award-winning hard disk/partition manager and system optimization software, now newly upgraded to version 8.0.1. This release is mainly to provide a brand-new user interface with refreshing Windows 7 style and built-in WinPE3.0 bootable disk. The newly-upgraded version is much more efficient, convenient, secure and ...

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Maintenance of a computer must be one of the most annoying things. Do you notice the slow decline of your system's performance? Do you want to get brand new computer where everything is smooth and responds quickly to work on? But customization is really tedious. And maybe sometimes your hard drive where the system is located suffers from low space risk, especially for server users, or your h...

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In the 21st century, the era of information expansion, more and more information is saved into our windows 7 computers, resulting in our former hard disk is not enough for use. Under this situation, Many Windows 7 users are considering these questions: How to upgrade our windows 7 system drive to a larger one and keep all operating system and applications fully functional just as they have? ...


Easy way to transfer system to different computer

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Got brand new computer and want to transfer the old system to it? To do entire re-installation as we all know it is time consuming and can cause a lot of pain sometimes, plus various kinds of applications will also be a problem. Especially this is the case when you transfer system to different computer.

Do you dream to have some tools to help you transfer system to different computer?...

TAG: cloning windows server 2008 system

Have you come across such problems as you have to reinstall the entire Windows Server 2008 system and any application on the disk when you want to transfer all the data on a hard disk to another? At this time, people always expect that some wonderful software can help them to clone Windows Server 2008 system disk. Good news from EASEUS: the brand-new clone/copy windows server software EASEUS...

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I hope every administrator have backed up all the data before get into the "oh no, the hard disk crashed, all data is gone, what do I do" circumstance.

Backup files take too much space? Yes, it may be this case when you're referring normal backup since it copies all the files and have them backed up. But with versatile server 2003 incremental backup software, you only need to do norma...


Continuous data backup software to protect your machine

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Data backup is prevailing in our daily computer life as more and more person realized the importance of data safety. What about continuous data backup then.

Continuous data backup software actually is a backup and restore software that can provide constant backup of your machine so that to protect your computer continuously without interference of manual operation.

Continuous d...


Hard disk image backup and restore software for Windows 7

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Windows 7 is prevalent according to latest news from Microsoft. Along with it, hard disk image backup in Windows 7 helps users to get used to hard disk image backup and restore instead of rushing to totally wipe and re-install system in case of a sudden software malfunction.

However, if in any case, you find the Windows 7 hard disk image backup function not so easy-to-use or under yo...

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EASEUS Software, the leading provider of affordable, scalable partition management, data recovery and backup utilities, has updated its Windows hard disk and partition manager EASEUS Partition Master to version 7.1.1. This new release is mainly to add support for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

EASEUS Partition Master 7.1.1 is the pioneer partition manager so...

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