How to restore system to dissimilar hardware?

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2011-03-04 04:21:19 -0500
TAG: restore system to dissimilar hardware

A lot of people may come across such a problem: to restore system to dissimilar hardware or reinstall the operating system and other applications all over again. Reinstallation can be frustrating, while it also may be a headache to restore system to dissimilar hardware.

Frankly speaking, to restore Windows operating systems to dissimilar hardware is difficult indeed. The key factor is...

TAG: cloning windows server 2003 disk

How to do disk cloning windows server 2003? Which clone software one should choose if he wants to transfer all the data on a hard disk or partition to another under Windows server 2003 but without reinstalling Windows or any applications? The answer is that he should choose this proper software: EASEUS Todo Backup Server.

EASEUS Todo Backup Server is a comprehensive disk cloning softw...


Resize C drive without partition magic

EASEUS   Partition Manager   0   Post Time 2011-03-02 04:56:58 -0500
TAG: resize c drive without partition magic

Partition Magic has been sharp-edged partition manager software for a long period of time. But how to manage your partition when the after partition magic period comes, like resize C drive.

Why resize C drive, it is a question you will never ask if you find that the system partition is running out of space and the low disk space warning pops up all the time. EASEUS Partition Master is...

TAG: upgrade disk,upgrade hard drive,upgrade hard disk

Upgrade disk is inevitable sometimes, if your disk runs out of space which will make you unable to upgrade applications and the programs, upgrade system as well as for more data storage, but it may be a headache for every computer user.

Fortunately, to upgrade disk doesn't mean that you should upgrade to a newer and larger disk and then install applications upgrade and operating syste...


Image disk software saves you from computer disaster

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2011-02-23 04:39:30 -0500
TAG: disk image,image disk software

Install anti-virus utility? Do maintenance periodically? But the best approach to save you from any computer disaster would be taking a disk image immediately after installing the OS with the necessary image disk software.

EASEUS Todo Backup is a potent utility providing disk image for backup or duplication purposes. Using EASEUS Todo Backup, you can completely and rapidly restore you...

TAG: server clone software,windows server 2008 cloning software

Windows Server 2008 enjoyed an immediate acceptance after its release. Besides its many enhanced features it still troubles us when we intend to upgrade hard disk or replace our hard disk with using this server operating system. If you have a little awareness about cloning Windows server 2008, you’ll absolutely avoid this problem by choosing a proper cloning software: EASEUS Todo Backup Se...

TAG: clone windows server 2003 with clone software - ea

A lot of people may come across such a problem as they want to clone their Windows Server 2003 onto another installed drive. But they fail to find a proper serve clone tool either because most clone software available are not stable or they can’t support Windows Server 2003. Good news from EASEUS: the brand-new clone/copy windows server software EASEUS Todo Backup can solve the problem wit...

TAG: cloning server,server clone software

Clone/copy windows server software can help to do server cloning which can provide more rapid deployment than a scripted installation. When using server cloning, it is important to clone one server and test its functionality before deploying the rest of the farm. While what's more important is to get reliable clone/copy windows server software.

EASEUS Todo Backup Server Edition, enhan...


EASEUS Groundhog Day Blessings

EASEUS   EASEUS Products   0   Post Time 2011-01-29 20:47:45 -0500
TAG: easeus groundhog day blessings

The Groundhog Day, 2nd Feb., is coming in year 2011. EASEUS, as a Chinese company with clients mainly from USA, Germany, UK and some other North American and European countries, is to celebrate this special day, which is also Chinese New Years Eve, with EASEUS beloved, our flagship products.

Before celebrating the festival, EASEUS beloved will have a close talk with groundh...


EASEUS Todo Backup - Free Image-Based Backup for Home Use

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2011-01-29 02:41:16 -0500
TAG: free image-based backup for home use

EASEUS Todo Backup gets reviewed by editor of Softpedia website, from his professional point of view, the review is in-depth and impartial, published recently on its website which you may check out here: http://www.softpedia.com/reviews/windows/EASEUS-Todo-Backup-Home-Review-178754.shtml.

Any home user who needs free and professional backup and restore utility can download the freewa...

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