TAG: rebrand data recovery software

Rebrand software is the fastest way to enhance a company’s product line and expand market share, it is a truth known to most software provider. While it is even truer for rebrand software in data recovery software market.

Data recovery software market is of great demand but has no dominator, you can rebrand data recovery software and enter the market in a very fast way, then you ca...

TAG: oem data recovery software

EASEUS Software, a leading provider of data recovery, partition manager and backup utilities, finds great success with their OEM model. Since it introduced OEM as one of its cooperative solutions for its data recovery software, the company has successfully expanded its data recovery software market with partners.

The company has asked developers and start-ups: Are you looking for new way...
TAG: data recovery software source code

EASEUS Software, a leading provider of data recovery, partition manager and backup utilities, is now offering business cooperation in its data recovery software source code sales to meet the unique needs of different developers and organizations. And this source code sales offering will give you full right to edit, change the source code or integrate it with other software.

Have you e...

TAG: windows server 2008 low disk space

Users come to know about Windows Server 2008 low disk space problem when they receive a “low disk space” warning message. Actually, low disk space is an innate problem for Windows Server 2008 users; it may be solved simply by ignoring or disabling the windows low disk space notification. However, it is not so easy when c drive is of low disk space, as some services might stop or even cau...

TAG: partition recovery freeware

What do you do when you find your partition disappeared in Windows Disk Management? Don’t be so nervous. In fact, your partition was not really lost. No matter the lost reason is your unintentional deletion, virus, or other defeat, it is quite necessary to choose a free partition recovery software to recover deleted or lost partition.

How to choose appropriable partition...

TAG: easeus partition recovery

Have you ever deleted a partition by mistake? Have you ever found your partition disappeared while you’ve got no idea what you did or what to do? To find free and reliable partition recovery software and recover your partition might be a proper choice in most cases.

How to find the right partition recovery software? We would like to introduce such a utility here: EASEUS Partition Re...

TAG: web server partitioning software

What is web server? According to Wiki: “A web server is computer program that delivers (serves) content, such as web pages, using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), over the World Wide Web. The term web server can also refer to the computer or virtual machine running the program.” In our daily usage, a web server usually refers to the computer that delivers or serves up web pag...

TAG: free partition recovery

EASEUS Partition Recovery has just been launched as free partition recovery software for all users by EASEUS Software. It is available for free download now.

EASEUS Partition Recovery helps to completely recover deleted partitions and lost partitions with easy-to-use wizard guidance. As a freeware focusing on partition recovery, EASEUS Partition Recovery takes efficiency as important ...

TAG: free fat/ntfs partition recovery

In this digital world, it is not rare for us to suffer data loss due to partition loss, as it is known that it would take a long time to scan and recover lost files with data recovery software, most people prefer to recover lost partition directly when partition was accidently deleted or gone. The question is: how to recover lost or deleted FAT/NTFS partition?

When it comes to FAT/NT...

TAG: resize primary partition

With all the software I have run, my primary partition has been getting pretty crowded, how can I resize primary partition to get more space? And I've been told to use one third party partition manager to finish this work as the Windows disk management is limited and cannot resize primary partition if there is no contiguous space or no unallocated space available, and Gparted is so complicat...

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