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CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives? Have you been in the same situation with the following guy?

“Ok, drive in question is 320GB WD Caviar SE IDE PATA 8MB cache. It is partitioned as EXTENDED with (1) logical NTFS and (1) logical FAT32 partition. FAT32 partition is 32GB and the rest is NTFS v3.1. Drive is running as Primary SLAVE w/ 80GB WD Caviar as Master. System is Win2K Pro/S...

TAG: new release of easeus partition master

Partition Recovery, an easy-to-use function to undelete partition and recover partition which is lost or deleted by accident, is now integrated into the latest version of the leading partition manager software - EASEUS Partition Master 6.1.1, which has just been launched on 30th July 2010.

Partition Recovery module of EASEUS Partition Master...

TAG: extend primary partition

We all know that there are two partition types under Windows system - primary partition and extended partition, and a hard disk can be divided into at most four, and at least one, primary partitions. All these primary partitions are described by 16-byte entries that constitute the Partition Table which is located in the master boot record. Generally, the primary partition is a partition that...


How to repartition external hard drive?

EASEUS   Partition Manager   0   Post Time 2010-07-21 06:03:20 -0400
TAG: repartition externla hard drive

With widely use of external hard drive, how to repartition an external hard drive to effectively manage it is now becoming a common question people always raise. Here is the case in point:

I use Windows 7 and have 2 large external USB hard drives, which were allocated to a single partition on the entire space, now I just want to repartition those external hard drives into two partitio...

TAG: format recovery,easeus data recovery wizard,formatted hard drive recovery

Format is typically run to prepare drives for use as new - enabling the installation of an operating system, application programs & eventual user data. While what if after you formatted a hard drive, but found that there are still some valuable data on the hard drive. Or you found that you formatted another hard drive, not the drive which you want to format. If there any relia...

TAG: undelete ntfs partition

New Technology File System (NTFS) is becoming the primary partition type used on most Windows Operating System. While the commonly used NTFS file system are the one which is prone to get damaged or corrupt, there also is the risk that you may delete the NTFS partition by mistake, intentionally or not.

To avoid these disasters, users should always have backup of their valuable file and...


How to resize GPT disk partition?

EASEUS   Partition Manager   0   Post Time 2010-07-07 03:26:08 -0400
TAG: resize gpt disk partition

I had to resize a GPT disk partition, Windows Vista partition manager wouldn't allow to shrink by more than 0 bytes. I then tried the GParted live distribution which had to be burned to CD. I had trouble booting (display not properly configured) and Gparted wouldn't do it either since the system presenting one large disk instead of the two physical discs would confuse it and I tried Suse Lin...

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Hard drive and hard drive data are the most important properties of one’s information life if you happen to own any type of computer. If the hard drive can’t boot up, it’s practically useless. If the files are corrupted and cannot be opened for reading or writing, the file is useless. The sad fact is that you will experience hard drive data loss anyway. At these moments, you will find ...

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EASEUS Partition Master 6.0.1, the all-in-one hard disk management solution enhanced by the ability to support GPT partition such as initialize hard disk as GPT disk, manage/resize/move GPT partition, copy GPT partition, wipe and recover GPT disk data, etc, is released by EASEUS Software.

Manage/resize/move GPT partition is a must-have function as GPT disk is on the way of popularizat...

TAG: undelete partition freeware

Disk partitioning separating the hard drive into different smaller areas is very helpful for effective data storage and management, especially when the capability of hard drive become larger and larger. And it is true that partitions provide more control in your hard drive and data, however, no matter how many advantages and convenience that disk partitioning brings to you, it is still commo...

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