TAG: hard disk partition recovery freeware

Partitioning is a very useful way to use your hard drive, especially when you only got one hard disk and want to manage the hard drive effectively, say cut out one partition for operating system only, and another for data. But partition loss is still a common problem for most users. The recently released EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition aims to fulfill hard disk partition recovery fo...

TAG: unformat software

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y., June 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Accidental format is very annoying, especially when important file loss occurs. The new version of EASEUS Data Recovery Software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition - the innovative and professional unformat freeware, helps you unformat a disk and recover formatted files easily and saves users time and money.

It's amazing the n...
TAG: data recovery freeware

NEW YORK, N.Y., June 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Data loss is a common scenario for most of the users who need free data recovery software. Until recently there was not one fully functional and free data recovery software solution available to recover lost files due to format, partition loss or damage without any limitation. Fortunately, addressing customers' requirements, EASEUS Software releas...
TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,card recovery freeware

We love all kinds of memory card, we love mobile, we love digital camera, and our life is more and more digitalized. How about the data loss risk accompanies it? That’s what the card recovery freeware existing for. Here we would like to share one of the most reliable free card recovery software - EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard free.

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard card recovery ...

TAG: office recovery freeware

As office files loss is a common now, here we will show you how to recover office files using office recovery freeware.

When it comes to office files, I guess you will not be strange to it, all our everyday work seemingly cannot go without them - Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint, Visio drawings, etc. which all contain our work, important or not important. Suppose, if yo...

TAG: freeware data recovery

Have you ever been the victim of losing data due to hard drive crash in your computer system, or some kind of damage that makes your information irretrievable? As more and more people are heavily relying on hard drive today and storing almost all their data on them, it is never rare for us to lose data for some reasons, you know, the hard drive would accidently crash or is wrongly formatted ...


File recovery freeware to undelete files

EASEUS   Data Recovery Story   0   Post Time 2010-06-04 04:48:24 -0400
TAG: easeus data recovery wizard,file recovery freeware,undelete

“Can somebody help? I’ve deleted some important files and emptied the Recycle Bin. How can I recover my files?” If you’ve never bumped into this and will not in the future, you may stop here, or a peek at our file recovery freeware might be of help sooner or later. 

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard free version is a hard drive recovery program that restores del...


Ways to get rid of Windows 7 low disk space issue

EASEUS   Partition Manager   0   Post Time 2010-05-28 04:59:37 -0400
TAG: easeus partition master,windows 7 partition manager

If you get the 'Low Disk Space' system tray balloon notifications under Windows 7, that means your computer performance will be somehow affected by Windows 7 low disk space issue unless you can free up some disk space as soon as possible.

Here are some simple ways to address Windows 7 low disk space issue which can help to reclaim lost disk space in Windows usually: removes some unwan...

TAG: easy recovery,free easy recovery

I am sure every computer user has lost data once or twice. Do you remember how you did to solve the data loss problem? Looking for professional  data recovery service? Purchasing an expensive data recovery software but found it really hard to use? Either of the above will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Luckily, there is an easy and free data recovery tool just...

TAG: resize sbs 2008 system partition,easeus partition master server edition

Along with the adoption of Windows SBS 2008, users may meet these problems more and more often: the free space on system partition is not enough to install new software; the system is running slowly because the inefficient free space on the disk and it need more space from other partitions. Which utility can help to resize Windows SBS 2008 system partition? 

While you...

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