TAG: free data recovery software,easeus data recovery wizard free edition

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, published by the industry leading cooperation, CHENGDU YIWO Tech Development Co., Ltd, who has been focusing on data recovery and disk management technology for more than 10 years.

There are many free data recovery wizard out there with the good and the bad intermingled. Basically, these free data recovery software offer simple recovery funct...

TAG: format recovery freeware

Do you have such an embarrassment: you inadvertently format the hard drive full of your privacy and anxious to get them back, while you do not know what the right way you need to do as privacy is involved in those lost files? Just thinking, if you turn to professionals' help by delivering the hard drive to data recovery service center, you would put yourself in a risk at exposing all your pr...

TAG: easeus partition master,convert simple volume to primary partition

Can someone explain to me what the difference between simple volume and primary partition is? I added an old hard drive to my computer and went to disk management to format the drive, and after formatting I noticed that the drive is a primary partition and the OS drive is a simple volume, I thought the OS would be on a primary partition, what is the difference between them? A...

TAG: free data recovery software,data recovery wizard free edition

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is newly launched free data recovery software by EASEUS. Though totally free, EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is equally powerful as many professional data recovery software to retrieve lost data from internal/external hard disk (both basic and dynamic), floppy disc and flash memory device etc. With EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition, y...


Disaster Recovery: Are You Prepared?

EASEUS   EASEUS Products   0   Post Time 2010-05-07 04:12:04 -0400
TAG: format recovery,recover deleted files

"I wrongly format my data drive full of important files, business and personal, is it possible to get back my files and how? Please help!"

The answer is absolutely yes!

With increasingly popularity of computers and other digital products like camera, people are used to heavily relying on them and storing almost all things on them, while mistakes and accidents are going to happ...


Convert simple volume to primary partition safely

EASEUS   Partition Manager   0   Post Time 2010-05-05 07:00:24 -0400
TAG: convert simple volume to primary partition; easeus

There are two basic hard disk configuration types in Windows System: basic disk and dynamic disk. Basic disk uses primary partition, extended partition and logical partition to manage the data on the disk, and dynamic disk can contain nearly 2000 volumes with the functions like that of primary partitions on basic disk. While dynamic disk can improve the performance of computers wi...

TAG: easeus partition master,resize dynamic volume

A dynamic disk is a physical disk that provides features basic disk cannot, such as support for volumes spanning multiple disks. Dynamic disks use a hidden database to track information about dynamic volumes on the disk and other dynamic disks in the computer. Compare to basic disk, dynamic disk has many advantages.

However, it has two huge disadvantages too. One is that if you conver...

TAG: partition manager software,easeus partition master 5.8.1

EASEUS Software, a provider of affordable and all-in-one partition management solutions, today announces the release of EASEUS Partition Master new updated version - EASEUS Partition Master 5.8.1. This new version introduces the new feature Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk that helps simplify the task of dynamic disk (volume) management like converting dynamic disk, resizing dynamic disk, ...

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I accidentally deleted the files that were stored on my pen drive before I got a chance to import them. Is there any way to recover the deleted files?   

Pen drive, as a portable USB flash memory device with a construction that is small enough to fit into a pocket, is widely used to quickly transfer audio, video, and data files from the hard drive of one computer to ano...

TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,free data recovery

EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard, the innovative and professional data recovery software for deleted file recovery, format recovery or partition recovery, now offers in its demo version the free recovery of one file less than 1MB. This gives you a fair idea whether the software can help you recover lost files before purchasing. 

As the reasons for data loss may contribute to a lot of ...

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