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Most computer users may backup your hard drive in case of hard drive crash, system unbootable, partition lost etc. They have learned the importance of data backup. It is better to be prepared. Here, Easy to use and free hard drive backup software – EASEUS Todo Backup is recommended to protect your data.

Why EASEUS Todo Backup? People often backup their data by copying the whole dri...


Free Backup Software EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 is released!

EASEUS   Data Backup   0   Post Time 2009-07-30 23:17:18 -0400
TAG: easeus,backup,todo

Today, EASEUS announced the launch of free backup software EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0 which is especially designed for system state backup and system disaster restore. EASEUS is a well-received brand in the field of data recovery and disk management and their popular products are EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard and EASEUS Partition Master. The release of this free backup software EASEUS Todo Backup 1.0...

Guide to Restore Deleted Files

EASEUS   Company Info   0   Post Time 2009-05-31 04:22:05 -0400
TAG: Data Recovery Software,Data recovery software,restore deleted files,restore deleted data

Most of us know that a cat has nine lives, but did you know files have three? That means you can restore deleted files, even after you empty the Recycle Bin!

Deleting the file isn't the end, though. Most of people know how to restore deleted files from the Recycle Bin: just open up the Recycle Bin, select the file you want to restore, and choose “Restore this item” from the pop-up...


Recover Formatted Memory Stick

EASEUS   Basic Computing Guide   0   Post Time 2009-05-26 03:42:51 -0400
TAG: recover,recover formatted memory stick

Memory sticks can become corrupted or damaged in a variety of ways, resulting in error messages like, "card not formatted", etc. Don't panic! You've arrived at the right place. In fact, in most cases, the photographs are still on the memory stick and are recoverable. You can find the detailed information about how to recover formatted memory stick here.

Memory stick recovery can be a ...


Easy Way to Resize External Hard Drive Partitions

EASEUS   EASEUS Products   0   Post Time 2009-05-25 02:54:18 -0400
TAG: resize external hard drive

Resizing partition is a way to better utilize the space on a external hard drive or just to better organize your data and your programs. Resize an external hard drive is possible but hazardous, so your first priority must be to back up your essential data. After that, you can change the external hard drive partition sizes using a commercial program or some free alternatives such as EASEUS ...


How to Recover Mp3 File?

EASEUS   Basic Computing Guide   0   Post Time 2009-05-19 01:40:21 -0400
TAG: recover mp3,recover mp3 file,mp3 file recovery

Gone are the days when people's music collections were made of cassette tapes and CDs. Today, most people store their music as MP3 files on their computer. While MP3s have the advantage of being small and portable, they are also easily deleted. Maybe a user will delete his complete album accidentally; maybe the Mp3 player malfunction, both of which will cause Mp3 files loss. If you have acci...


Title: How to Extend SBS 2003 Server Partition?

EASEUS   EASEUS Products   0   Post Time 2009-05-18 01:43:17 -0400
TAG: extend sbs 2003 server partition,sbs 2003 server partition,extend server partition

People sometimes need to resize SBS 2003 server partition in order to optimize the performance of their servers under different situations. For example, you want to extend system partition for further usage. Actually, most of users consider it as headache to resize partitions on Windows Small Business Server, because it is too much difficult for p...


Extend System Partition on Windows Server 2003

EASEUS   EASEUS Products   0   Post Time 2009-05-12 02:17:04 -0400
TAG: windows server 2003,extend system partition,extend server system partition

The Operating System Disk Manager will not allow you to extend system partition when you are using Windows Server 2003. You can only extend a Windows Server 2003 system partition by reformatting the drive and reinstalling the server Operating System or turning to a third-party solution. We recommend you to use powerful server partition software named EASEUS Partition Master Server Edition to...


How to Recover Data from External Hard Drive?

EASEUS   Basic Computing Guide   0   Post Time 2009-05-11 03:02:24 -0400
TAG: recover data from external hard drive

More and more users are doing what they feel is right by backing up their data. The fortunate catch to this is most users are backing up their data to external hard drives, which are extremely useful for backing up computers and moving data between computers. However, due to the heavy use of the external hard drives or inadequate protection, external drives are often dropped, mishandled, dis...


Easy and Safe Method to Unerase Files

EASEUS   Data Recovery Story   0   Post Time 2009-05-06 03:50:22 -0400
TAG: unerase files

Sometimes a lot of files or folders are seldom used in our PC, so we need to clear them to make the computer perform better. Although most of us are familiar with how to erase files, many people have no idea about how to unearse files. Here I’d like to take file recovery for instance to introduce an easy and safe method to unerase files with file recovery software.

Maybe someone wil...

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