How to Resize NTFS Partition without Losing Data?

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TAG: reisize ntfs partition

NTFS was designed to meet a number of specific goals. In no particular order, the most important of these are: Reliability, Security, Storage Efficiency, Breaking Size Barriers, Long File Names and Networking. Due to these shinning points, NTFS is now in widespread use. In order to maximize the performance of NTFS partition when it runs out of space, the most helpful way is to resize NTFS pa...


Easy Method for JPG/JPEG Recovery

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TAG: recovery,Recovery,jpeg,picture

It’s always important for us to recovery JPG/JPEG photos, and you can read the article if you doubt about this point.

Human beings have no way to live for a long time, but keep the time in photos for memory. The memory kept in photos could always bring people back to their happy times as if they are staying at an eternal space.

We are enjoying hi-tech digital camera,...

TAG: windows server,raid 5,repartition

What is the best solution to expand RAID 5 partition on Windows Server without data loss? For example, your system partition on RAID 5 is running out of space. How to expand this RAID 5 partition easily and safely? You will find the solution in this blog.

Overview of RAID 5

RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) technology has been proved as the best technology to protect ...

TAG: easeus,Data Recovery,data recovery

Here I need to say why EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard is a must-have for computer users.

People usually delete files by “Shift + Delete” directly, especially for the users who know something about computer skills. This kind of deletion will not go to the Recycle Bin, the deleted file cannot be distinguished by Windows system, and so if you don’t use any third party recovery softwar...


How to Resize RAID 5

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TAG: partition,windows server,raid 5

The definition of RAID 5

RAID is an acronym first defined by David A. Patterson, Garth A. Gibson and Randy Katz at the University of California, Berkeley in 1987 to describe a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, a technology that allowed computer users to achieve high levels of storage reliability from low-cost and less reliable PC-class disk-drive components, via the technique of a...


Freeware to Adjust Partition without Data Loss

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TAG: software,partition,freeware

When and why do we need to adjust partition? Actually, most computer users might have this problem: the C drive is too small for new applications after a long period of initial partitioning and Windows pops up a warning to alert you- "No Disk Space". Then you need to adjust your partition size to keep it running.

Speaking of adjusting partition, you might think of Partition Magic, whi...

TAG: recovery,partition,Recovery,disk,raw

When it comes to raw partition, you guys may be never strange to it, say, partition showing raw file system; Chkdsk reports raw, etc. The way to restore a normal partition is simple, you just need to do a format, and every problem will be solved. While that is not the point most people are concerned, comparing with the way to restore the raw partition, data recovery from those raw...

TAG: software,partition,free,hard drive,usb

As the price of USB hard drive is falling continuously and demand for more hard disk storage is growing, people would like to buy an USB hard drive for convenience. Then how to optimize the performance of your USB hard drive seems to be a new problem.

To solve this problem, you need a reliable third-party application. Although there are lots of partition tools in the market, most of t...


Partition RAID 5 on Windows Server

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TAG: partition,server,raid 5


RAID is a technology that allows computer users to achieve high levels of storage reliability via the technique of arranging the devices into arrays.

There are various combinations of these approaches giving different levels of protection against data loss, capacity, and speed. RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 are most commonly used and cover most requirements...


Unformat Hard Drive Easily and Safely

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TAG: recovery,Recovery,format,unformat

Need to unformat hard drive to recover important files from accidentally formatted drive/disk or some other storage media? It sounds difficult. This article will introduce an easy solution to unformat hard drive.

Firstly, we should learn what kind of format is recoverable.

A disk can be formatted in three different ways: Quick, Standard and Low-Level (physical) format...

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