EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Avaialble for Beta Testing

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TAG: easeus todo backup 4.0 avaialble for beta testing

EaseUS Software, Storage management and data backup & disaster recovery solutions provider has announced that the EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Beta is now available for testing. EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 brings brand-new interface and advanced new features such as MS Exchange 2010 backup and GPT backup & recovery. Join EaseUS Todo Backup 4.0 Beta Testing and get special gift.

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Free backup software for Exchange 2010

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TAG: free backup software for exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone & web, so employees can stay connected and in sync. Multi-layered, anti-spam filtering with continuous updates helps guard against spam and phishing threats. A variety of storage options allows you to give users bigger and more reliable mailboxes. What's New in Exchange 2010? Microsoft Exchange Ser...


Exchange 2010 backup freeware: Windows Server Backup

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TAG: free backup exchange 2010,exchange 2010 freeware,backup exchange 2010 software

Exchange Server 2010 is an e-mail and calendaring application that runs on Windows Server 2008 and, like its predecessor Exchange Server 2007, can also integrate with your phone system. It is the seventh major version of the product and, although not revolutionary, it does include some important changes and lots of small improvements over Exchange Server 2007.

The scalability of Exch...

TAG: windows web server 2008 backup software

What is Web Server?

At the most basic level, a web server is simply a computer program that dispenses web pages as they are requested. The machine the program runs on is usually also called a server, and the two references are interchangeable in everyday conversation. When someone sits down at a computer and enters an address into an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox,...


Jingle Bells! EaseUS are Stuffed with Christmas Gifts Now

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TAG: christmas gifts from easeus

As Christmas 2011 is around the corner, EaseUS software, a leading provider of data recovery, partition manager and backup utilities, brings great gifts to you. Starting from Dec 6th, 2011 to Jan 10th, 2012, all users are entitled to get products with a discount up to 59%, buy one and get two free, or get Amazon shopping cards through our bundle promotion.

Backup, data recovery and pa...

TAG: incremental backup windows server 2008

Incremental backup is really a good thing for it can safely protect the data and meantime, save the disk space for Server 2008. As we all know, crucial information is generated at any time; this requires Server administrators to make backups in time for data continuous backup. However, frequently backing up data might need a lot of space to hold backup files. If every day you are doing full bac...
TAG: network backup software server 2003

Network backup solutions with EaseUS Todo Backup Server:

Powerful - Through its technology, EaseUS Todo Backup Server can speed up the network backup process, giving you the benefit of having a reliable backup performed in a reduced amount of time. You are allowed to make schedule backup, incremental backup and differential backup, and most importantly you can choose the network place as...

Best backup software for SQL Server 2005

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TAG: sql backup and recovery software,easeus todo backup advanced server.,best backup software for sql server 2005

SQL Server 2005 includes native support for managing XML data, in addition to relational data. SQL Server 2005 has also been enhanced with new indexing algorithms, syntax and better error recovery systems. It introduced MARS (Multiple Active Results Sets), a method of allowing usage of database connections for multiple purposes and also introduced DMVs (Dynamic Management Views), which are s...


Free backup Exchange 2007 Windows Server 2003 with NTBackup

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TAG: backkup exchange 2007,backup exchange 2007 windows server 2003

Understanding Exchange Server 2007 backup tactics and protecting Exchange Server 2007 data is a critical task for administrators. They must keep in with the latest disaster recovery techniques so that to make the job easier. In this learning center, get an overview of doing Exchange Server backup and also third-party tools to securely backup and restore Exchange 2007 data.

Exchange S...


Free backup Exchange 2007 Windows Server 2008 with NTBackup

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TAG: backup exchange 2007,backup exchange 2007 windows server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is the successor of Windows Server 2003, a major improvement with more advanced features and better performance, but the new Windows Server Backup built in Windows Server 2008 does not have the ability to backup Exchange Server 2007/2003 in the same fashion that the old NTBackup from Windows 2003 did: not support for the Exchange streaming APIs. Y...

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