Advantages of flash drives over hard disks

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Since the introduction of the EPROM and EEPROM type solid-state memory devices, the industry has embraced the technology whole-heartedly. The benefits of flash memory are undeniable and should be heeded in future by all those who intend to buy laptops, notebooks or mobile PC's.

The solid-state memory supposedly accesses faster than conventional hard disk drives, as there are no moving parts that slow down the storage and retrieval process. The result of this is that the programs and applications load more swiftly, including the operating system and office applications. Samsung claim half the read time on their flash drives than that of typical mechanical hard drives. Another feature is that energy is conserved due to the lack of physical working parts, which means longer battery life expectations on mobile PC's and devices. The lack of a read/write head also insures a far smaller chance that throwing ones laptop around while the drive accesses, creates or modifies its files, can incur damage.

The problem comes with the price, as the cost per gigabyte of flash memory capacity exceeds that of current hard disks about twice over. Still, this white wash is predicted to wane, as the cost will diminish as the capacities get bigger.

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