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In our daily computer use, we may encounter some failure, which prevent us using computer normally. What we can do when these failures occurred? In this topic, we will summarize the methods how to correct these failures.

1. Two types of failure, hardware failure and software failure.
  (1). Familiar hardware failure
Host computer with no power supply   
Display has no response
Loudspeaker rang but still can not use
Error hint in display and can not enter operating system
  (2). Familiar software failure
 Error hint in display and can not enter operating system
Applications can not be used after entering operating system

2. Check failures in order
    Analyze where the failure may occur first, then check as you analyzed.
Check the power, circuitry, connection, device, then open the host box.  
Check software firstly, then hardware.

3. Operations to these failures
  Host computer and Display with no power response: check the power line, plug whether is right;
  Display with no response and no voice in Sound Box: check Graphics Card and Sound Card whether is loosening.
  Loudspeaker rang but still is abnormal: check by the ringing times.
1 time        Memory refresh normally, system is right
2 times       Memory check error, CMOS setting error or Motherboard RAW error   
3 times       64K basic memory error or Graphics Card error
4 times       system clock wrong, RAW wrong or keyboard failure
5 times       CPU failure
6 times       keyboard error
7 times       hardware interrupted exception
8 times       Graphics memory error
  Applications failure
     Boot from bootable system disk, scan whole hard drive by antivirus software in DOS;

If can not boot from hard drive, boot from the same bootable system disk and transmit the system again to the hard drive using 'SYS' command; check whether partitions are right using 'FDSK';

     Reboot computer and press 'F8' enter 'Windows Safe Mode', check errors and reboot;
     Uninstall this application and delete the installation directory then reinstall it.

Don't feel bewildering when these failures occurred, just find them and correct them step by step.

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