How to backup your data

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In addition to the possibility of a software hard drive failure, the threat from viruses has become an increasing risk to data loss or corruption. Although you may not be able to provide most firmly protection to your hard drive, there are various ways that you can ensure that the data on your hard drive is in safe storage.

CD and DVD media are very similar in shape, but the DVD media offers the user far more storage capacity than a CD, and most modern DVD burners can burn CDs as wells as DVD's. The recent availability of dual layer DVD burners represents a large boost in the capacity of writable DVD's, taking the previous limit of 4.7GB per disc and nearly doubling it to 8.5GB.

If they are stored in proper condition, these media can provide long-term storage (life expectancy is about 40 years) that cannot be destructed by hardware failure. Most computers can easily read the data on a CD or DVD.

External hard drives are typically the same type of drive you might find inside your system, but housed in a smaller, external enclosure of its own. The enclosure will feature at least one data interface (such as Firewire or USB), and the capacity is only limited by the size of hard drives presently available and the user’s budget.

The capacity of external hard drives makes them ideal for backing up large volumes of data, and many of these devices simplify the process by including software (or hardware) features to automate the backup.

RAID stands for a Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and can be configured in several manners. A RAID 1 array requires two hard drives of equal size to be installed on a RAID controller, which will then mirror one drive to the other in real time. Many motherboard's now come with RAID controllers onboard.

The backup solution is decided by your own habit and budget, but the safety of your crucial data is based on how often you carry out the backup operation.

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Remote Backup posted on 2008-02-24 12:29:47 -0500

Another option is to use remote backup solutions. You can find some services on the net. Makes sense when you have serious disaster to backup to another geographical location.

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