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Chapter 1 Prologue

1. About the NTFS Documentation

1.1. Overview

NTFS is the file system of Windows NT, 2000 and XP. It supports almost all POSIX features, all HFS features, and all HPFS features.
    It can deal with large capacity (up to 2 46 GB) storage units.
    It has built-in data compression.
    It uses log file for transactions.
    Byte order: everything is little-endian on-disk.

1.2. Documentation Layout

    Chapter 1 - Prologue: is information describing the documentation.

    Chapter 2 - Files: is a list of the Metadata files.

    Chapter 3 - Attributes: is a list of Metadata attributes.

    Chapter 4 - Concepts: is a list of objects that are neither file, nor attribute.

    Appendix I - License: is the license under which the documentation is distributed.

    The Glossary: is a what's what of technical terminology

1.3. Accuracy

Microsoft hasn't released any documentation for NTFS. These documents have been pieced together partly by carefully reading all the SDKs and Windows help but mostly by reverse-engineering the file system.

We're confident that the information is correct. We think we know where there are gaps in our knowledge. We may be wrong. Beware!

1.4. Contact us

You can post questions to an open forum on http://www.easeus.com/forum

Alternatively, if you have any questions via using the Data Recovery Wizard, suggestions or corrections, please email us: support@easeus.com

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