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Maximum Number of Versions
Maximum allowed versions for file. Zero means that version numbering is disabled.

Version Number
This is file's version (if any). It will be zero if Maximum Number of Versions is zero.

Class Id
Class Id from bidirectional Class Id index.

Owner Id
Owner Id of the user owning the file. This Id is a key in the $O and $Q Indexes of the file $Quota. If zero, then quotas are disabled.

Security Id
This should not be confused with a Security Identifier. The Security Id is a key in the $SII Index and $SDS DataStream in the file $Secure.

Quota Charged
The number of bytes this file user from the user's quota. This should be the total data size of all streams. If zero, then quotas are disabled.

Update Sequence Number (USN)
Last Update Sequence Number of the file. This is a direct index into the file $UsnJrnl. If zero, the USN Journal is disabled.

This part will contain a lot of the parts of the attributes, but most of them will not be explanation in detail. We will prompt them in somewhere. If you interested in them, we suggest that you should read more information in Google.

2.3. Notes
2.3.1. Other Information
If a NTFS volume is upgraded from v1.2 to v3.0, then this attribute won't be upgraded (lengthened) until it is accessed.

2.3.2. Questions
Are the Version fields and the Class Id ever used?
3. Attribute - $ATTRIBUTE_LIST (0x20)

3.1. Overview
When there are lots of attributes and space in the MFT record is short, all those attributes that can be made non-resident are moved out of the MFT. If there is still not enough room, then an $ATTRIBUTE_LIST attribute is needed. The remaining attributes are placed in a new MFT record and the $ATTRIBUTE_LIST describes whereto find them. It is very unusual to see this attribute. Some you can use in direct. Some you can’t, you should analyze them in detail. We don’t know which part will help you more, but we will do our best for listing them.

3.2. Layout of the Attribute
After the standard header, this attribute contains a list of variable length records, describing the type and location (in the MFT) of all the other attributes belonging to this file. Each record is aligned on an 8-byte boundary.

As we had mentioned, MFT is a very complex and has a lot of variety attributes.
The list is sorted by:
1. Attribute type
2. Attribute name (if present)
3. Sequence number

Of course, there are more attributes should be listed here. But if we do these, can you see it clearly and understand clearly. What we list here is very important attributes as we think. It does not list itself. You will see a table of these attributes.

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