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4. Attribute - $FILE_NAME (0x30)
4.1. Overview
This Attribute stores the name of the file attribute all is always resident.
As defined in $AttrDef, this attribute has a minimum size of 68 bytes and a maximum of 578 bytes. This equates to be a maximum filename length of 255 Unicode characters.

4.2. Layout of the Attribute (Resident)
Table 2.5. Layout of the $FILE_NAME (0x30) attribute

 Offset Size Description
   Standard AttributeHeader
 0x00 8 File reference to the parent directory.
 0x08 8 C Time - File Creation
 0x10 8 A Time - File Altered
 0x18 8 M Time - MFT Changed
 0x20 8 R Time - File Read
 0x28 8 Allocated size of the file
 0x30 8 Real size of the file
 0x38 4 Flags, e.g. Directory, compressed, hidden
 0x3c 4 Used by EAs and Reparse
 0x40 1 Filename length in characters (L)
 0x41 1 Filename namespace 0x422L File name in Unicode (not null terminated)

4.2.1. File Reference
This is a File Reference to the base record of the parent directory. The $FILE_NAME attribute is also defined to two parts. One is the standard Attribute Head. The other is Alterable Attribute Content. The structure of the head is the same the standard structure of the Head.

4.2.2. File Size
The allocated size of a file is the amount of disk space the file is taking up. It will be a multiple of the cluster size. The real size of the file is the size of the unnamed data attribute. This is the number that will appear in a directory listing.

The Real Size is only present if the Starting VCN is zero. See the Standard Attribute Headerfor more information.

Denomination Space is a sign which concern with which character can be used in the file name. For supporting the old application, NTFS distribute a friendly short DOS file name for each incompatible DOS file name.

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