Online Data Backup Are the Next Generation of Backup Technology

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Online data backup are the next generation of backup technology and are quickly replacing more traditional backup technology, such as tape backups Through the technology of the Internet, online backup or web based backups are a method of storing data offsite. This data could be files, folders, or entire hard drives. This important data is regularly backed up to a remote server or computer with a network connection.

The reason why online backups are becoming increasingly important in today's business world is simple. Frequently and continuously backing up data to servers/computers at a third party or remote site practically eliminates the risk of data loss due to natural disasters, technical failures or even operator error. All you need is an internet connection and web browser to use the interface. The remote data appears as if they are an external local hard drive.

Online data backup is a safe option for your data storage. Among other security features, encryption and passwords are used to ensure the data is kept secure and private.
For an active database, an online backup is often called a hot backup or dynamic backup. This is a backup performed on data even though it is actively accessible to users and may currently be in a state of being updated. Online backups can provide a convenient solution in multi-user systems because they do not require downtime, as does a conventional offline (cold) backup.

The main benefits of online data backups:
    Cost effective - data can be backed up to third party supplier for as little as $10 a month

    Business continuity - You will be able to recover your most important business data regardless of what happens in the physical world - natural disaster may destroy your premises but you will be able to rebuild your business instantly by have it saved at an alternative location.

    Simple Process - you don't need a dedicated IT resource, you don't need specialist equipment and skills - all you need is an internet connection and a web browser

    Restoring - restoring your data is fast and efficient

    Reliable - The process is extremely reliable compared to other mediums.

In all online data backups are hassle-free and reliable. With no tapes to buy, automatic continuous backup available, and no wait recovery, lower your costs and eliminate your backup anxiety with an online data backup provider.

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