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We know that RAID 5  stripes data across multiple disks. RAID 5, however, adds a parity check bit to the data. This slightly reduces available disk capacity, but it also means that the RAID array continues to function if a single disk fails. In the event of a disk failure, you simply replace the failed disk and keep going.
As for my system partition C: drive is out of space and my computer run rather slowly. I\'d like to repartition my hard drive(s) to enlarge my C drive. Fortunately I found a freeware EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition(EASEUS PM). The freeware works perfectly with hardware RAID and Windows 2000/XP/Vista Operating Systems. I’d like to know how the good free partition tool performances on Raid 5. And of course I wish the operation is without losing any data.s

Then I downloaded EASEUS PM, installed on my computer and turned on, it worked. Re-partitioned the disk with RAID, using EASEUS PM to resize a partition to get some unallocated space, then extending C: drive with these unallocated space. Clicked Apply to reserve these changes, rebooted the computer and then I got an enlarged system partition.

The whole process went smoothly and I did not loss any bit of data on my computer. The freeware EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition does a good job with RAID just as it claimed on its website.

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