Symptoms of Physical & Damage Recovering Data from a Physically Damaged Drive

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The hard disk drive might not spin or the hard drive might make clicking, whining, grinding or high pitched noises. These noises might indicate a head crash. In the case of a head crash the head scratching over the platters converts the data to magnetic dust. If such noises are heard, the computer must be immediately switched off. It should be immediately pulled off the power. Time should not be wasted in trying to shut it down.

Physical data recovery is repairing the storage medium to enable the transfer of data from the damaged media to a secure media. If the computer does not make any unusual noise, the user can attempt data recovery. The drive can be connected as a slave drive to another computer.

But most of the damages cannot be repaired by the users, for if the hard disk is opened in a normal environment, dust might settle on it. This dampens the very recovery process. The read / write head is placed just a few microns above the platter. Any small particle of dust leads to an immediate crash.

These damages have to be repaired in a class 100 clean room. Class 100 clean rooms contain less than 100 airborne particles (larger than 0.5 microns) in one cubic feet of air. Data recovery companies work in such an environment. They protect the media in clean rooms while they carry out the repair process.

Many people claim that they have been successful in recovering data by freezing or hitting the hard disk. Such methods should never be attempted.

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