Resize the disk with Raid 5

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We know that RAID 5  stripes data across multiple disks. RAID 5, however, adds a parity c...

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Partition Magic trial version allows you to create, resize and merge partitions on your hard drive without destroying data. This trial version also helps organize and protect your data, run multiple Operating Systems, convert file system types and fix partition table errors. But there is a 30-day trial limitation on Partition Magic trial version.

EASEUS Partition manager also al...


Free Partition Magic Alternative

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As Partition Magic alternative, EASEUS Partition ...


Helpful Partition Software for Server

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When building server, users need to decide how much space to give to your important partitions, such as your system partition. Allocating too much wastes your space, too little and eventually your Server is fighting for precious space and placed in an embarrassing position of running slow. Even after having careful consideration to the sizes of the partitions while creating them, somehow or ...


Data Recovery Technology

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Data Recovery is the process of retrieval of inaccessible or corrupt data from digital media that has become damaged or has been corrupted in some way. Data Recovery can be used to recover data from devices as varied as Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, Tapes, Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Floppy Disk's, CD's, DVD's, Data Cartridges, Xbox's and many more items.

There are ...
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